An initiative, to make this planet green in terms of education.


This College Portal System is used to help users to locate and view information faster and use applications relevant to their roles and responsibilities. Users can access data held in any database of the College anytime from anywhere in the world to perform their jobs faster, more accurately, and with confidence that they have the right information. Portals allow colleges to distribute information to students or faculty on an as-needed basis; Users may link to relevant information at their convenience, rather than being distracted indiscriminately by electronic mail. By providing this information on the intranet, staff have the opportunity to keep up-to-date with the strategic focus of the organization. Some examples of communication would be chat, email, and or blogs. Users can view information and data via web-browser rather than maintaining physical documents such as procedure manuals, internal phone list and requisition forms. This can potentially save the business money on printing, duplicating documents, and the environment as well as document maintenance overhead.

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