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Communication Skills


This course is aimed to develop the communication skills at the work place. In this course, we concentrate on English at the workplace. You are probably wondering whether business English (as it is also called) is a separate language to general English. Certainly not, business English is not a separate language. It is English used at the workplace using specific vocabulary, and in certain situations having a different discourse. Every profession uses a certain ‘jargon’ and the business context in no different. While Business English is firmly rooted in general English, nevertheless there are certain distinguishing features which are evident. In this course, you will learn some theoretical inputs into the process of communication, its different types, the difference between written and oral communication etc.

Topics Covered

The Process of Communication, Telephone Techniques, Job Applications and Interviews, Group Discussions, Managing Organisational Structure, Meetings, Taking Notes and Preparing Minutes, Presentation Skills, Negotiation Skills.