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Computer Organisation

In the modern era, Computer system is used in most aspects of life. You may use many different types of software on a computer system for particular applications ranging from simple document creation to space data processing. But, how does the Software is executed by the Computer Hardware? The answer to this basic question is contained in this Course. This course presents an overview of the Computer Organisation. After going through this course, you will not only acquire the conceptual framework of Computer Organisation and Architecture but also would be able to use the concepts in the domain of Personal Computers. In specific, you will be able to design digital circuits; describe the functions of various components of computers and their construction; and write simple assembly programs.

Topics Covered

Introduction to Digital Circuits

The Data Representation, Principles of Logic Circuits I,Principles of Logic Circuits II, The Memory System, The Input/Output System, Secondary Storage Techniques, I/O Technology.

The Central Processing Unit
Instruction Set Architecture, Registers, Micro-Operations and Instruction Execution, ALU Organisation, The Control Unit, Reduced Instruction Set Computer Architecture.

Assembly Language Programming

Microprocessor Architecture, Introduction to Assembly Language Programming, Assembly Language Programming (Part-I), Assembly Language Programming (Part-II).