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Data Warehousing

Course Description 

Introduction, Evolution of data warehousing; decision support systems; goals, benefit, and challenges of data warehousing; architecture; data warehouse information flows; software and hardware requirements; approaches to data warehouse design; creating and maintaining a data warehouse; Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) and multi-dimensional data, multi-dimensional modeling; view materialization; data marts; data warehouse metadata; data mining. 

Scope and Objectives 

Corporate decision makers require access to all the organization’s data, wherever it is located. To provide comprehensive analysis of the organization, its business, its requirements and any trends, require access to not only the current data in the database but also to historical data. To facilitate this type of analysis, data warehouses have been created to contain data drawn from several sources, maintained by different departments of the organization. This course will involve an in-depth study of various concepts needed to design and develop a data warehouse and its maintenance. It also provides an introduction to data warehouse security, data mining  and end user access tools for a data warehouse.


Prescribed Text Book(S)

1) Ponnaiah, Paulraj, Data Warehousing Fundamentals, Wiley-Student Edition, 2001

2) Kimball R, The Data Warehouse Toolkit, Wiley-Student Edition.