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Database Design & Algorithms

Course Description

DBMS architecture; Data models; ER and EER modeling; Relational data model; ER/EER to relational mapping; Query Languages for relational model; Database design; Data storage and indexing techniques; Query  processing , query optimization and database  tuning; Transaction processing; Concurrency control; Recovery; Database security; Practical database design and UML; XML. 


Scope and Objective  

This course is about the concepts of database systems and software that manage them. We study the basics of database systems in the context of Relational data model. This course imparts knowledge on conceptual database design, ER to relational mapping rules, and query languages for relational model. We study important concepts like - Schema refinement and normalization, query optimization, indexing, transaction processing and concurrency control, recovery, database design practices, data security and XML. With this, a student will gain sufficient knowledge to design a database for his application.

Prescribe Text Book

Elmasri & Navathe, Fundamentals of Database Systems, Pearson Education