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Fundamental to Computer Networks


This course introduces the basics of data communication and networking. Students will develop an understanding of the general principles of data communication and networking as used in networks. It also includes an activity of setting up a small local area network. The goal of this course is that the student will develop an understanding of the structure of network, its elements and how these elements operate and communicate with each other.

Topics Covered

Concepts of Communication and Networking

Basics of Data Communication, Modulation and Encoding, Multiplexing and Switching, Communication Mediums

Networks and Devices

Network Classifications and Topologies, OSI and TCP/IP Models, Physical and Data link Layer, Internetworking Devices

Network, Transport and Application Layer

Network Layer, Transport Layer, Application Layer, Network Applications

Network Design and Security

Building a Simple Network, Introduction to Network Architectures, Introduction to Wireless and Mobile Networks, Network Security.