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Introduction to Java


Today almost every branch of computer science is feeling presence of object- orientation. Object oriented technology is successfully incorporated in various fields of computer science. Since its arrival on the scene in 1995, the Java has been accepted as one of the primary programming language. This course is designed to give you exposure to basic concepts of object-oriented technology. This course will help in learning to write programs in Java using object-oriented paradigm. Approach in this course is to take Java as a language that is used as a primary tool in many different areas of programming work.

Topics Covered

Java Language Basics

Expressions, Statements and Arrays

Object Oriented Concepts and Exceptions Handling

Class and Objects, Inheritance and Polymorphism, Packages and Interfaces, Exceptions Handling

Multithreading, I/O and String Handling

Multithreaded Programming, I/O in Java, Strings and Characters, Exploring Java I/O

Applets Programming and Advance Java Concepts

Applets, Graphics and User Interfaces, Networking Features, Advance Java